About Us

Behind the awesome production.

Delightful, approachable, and good 'ol foodie food food. This is what we want to be known for. Sounds standard but in the increasingly stylized and pricey biz of catering, it's hard to come by. Husband-wife tandem Chef Raymond and Mae Ko who are in-charge of operations, F&B, and the kitchen genuinely believe in providing and focusing on what catering is all about--good food, generous portions, fair pricing, ethically healthy ingredients, and being as down-to-earth as possible.


What we are pleased to offer.

Pumpkin Catering is known to bring great food to any occasion. Guests have been impressed with the services and of their food for quite some time now. If you need catering for any celebration, then Pumpkin Catering is really the way to go.


Well-versed in the unique challenges of large high-profile events. We specialize in large-scale catering events planning.


We support you throughout the planning process, including menu creation, floor-plan design and set-up, linen selection, décor, and event timeliness.


Your tasting is one element of our business we truly look forward to. Meeting each of our clients in person, discussing their dreams and thoughts and helping to make them a reality is a very exciting and rewarding experience.

What we do.

That magical pumpkin carriage from Cinderella was the one that brought her to the ball. It’s a creation by the heroine’s fairy godmother that everyone associates with bringing something magical to the party. One pumpkin in real life can also bring the star (or stars rather) of the night for the party.